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Consumer Risk Limited
83 Station Road
London,  N3 2SH
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 208 343 1754
Fax: +44 208 343 1754
Web: http://www.productsafety.biz/
Primary Contact: Gordon Hayward
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Gordon Hayward
Years in Business: over 30
Industry: Human Factor Analysis
Services: Gordon Hayward has been involved with the business of consumer product safety in the UK and Europe for over 30 years. His company, Consumer Risk Limited, has provided consultancy and mentoring services to large and small suppliers on the application of European legal and standards requirements to specific issues in a product, or on general questions of dealing with enforcement bodies and the diligence duties under the General Product Safety Directive (such as risk assessments, notifications and product recalls). A Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Human Factors Specialist, Dr Hayward has extensive experience of hazards in the interactions between products and consumers (eg physical design, instructions for use, warnings and foreseeable human behaviour) and has participated in international standards making for a wide spectrum of products. Lawyers for injury claimants, suppliers or authorities have sought his input (ranging from telephone consultation or initial product examination to expert witness report writing and cross-examination) for product safety issues in hundreds of injury liability claims, prosecutions and other legal disputes .
Industries Served: Nursery, childcare and child transport products. Toys, play and educational equipment. Domestic glazing,doors and fittings. Ladders, tools, decorating and gardening goods. Furniture. Cooking, cleaning and kitchen equipment. Heating and lighting. Electrical, gas, oil and solid fuel appliances. Clothing. Protective equipment. Stairlifts and disbility aids. Cycles, exercise and leisure equipment. Packaging, labels, warnings and instructions. Products used in rented accommodation, hotels, hostels, hospitals and schools or installed in public access areas.
The Product Safety & Recall Directory
4579 Laclede Ave., #326
St. Louis, Missouri 63108
Telephone: 314-497-1797
Email: [email protected]